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Re: Check if host is available

> >> if I try to connect to a host via ssh_connect() and the host isn't
> >> available the function blocks.
> > did you set a timeout?
> No, thanks for the advice!
That actually didn't work until the 0.5.0 release :)

> This could be the solution for my next problem. I want to detect if 
> someone for example unplugged the network cable while a ssh session is 
> running.

I have no idea how to do this, but if this happens libssh is/was 
prone to hang since there are still polls without an timeout. That's 
similar to the situation you had with ssh_connect().

I actually encountered a very serious ones, that was actually 
happening with exec, but I haven't gotten access to a sample machine 
yet, so I couldn't find out what was going on. It was limited to that 
custom system though and is reproducible.

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Check if host is availableThomas Mayer <tm.telemotive@xxxxxx>
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