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Fix for ssh_scp_write issue


I've been trying to use the scp push functionality in libssh 0.5.0 lately, and while doing that I've found issues with ssh_scp_write in recursive mode.

A fix for the bug is attached to this mail, and here is a closer description of the problem:
There where two issues with ssh_scp_write:
1) It did not write a status message after the last write and OpenSSH
   would then give up after the write finished.
2) OpenSSH would sometimes write a status message, after near ends write.
   If scp_write didn't handle it, and subsequent status message. The remote
   window would shrink to zero and ssh_channel_write would start returning 0.

I know i should have used sftp instead, but the embedded hardware I'm talking to doesn't have that enabled, so I'm stuck with scp. 

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