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Welcome to the new mailing list

Dear libssh-users,

You are receiving this mail because you suscribed to the old libssh mailing list.

As I already said last week, we roled our own mailserver for the libssh list. The address moved from libssh@xxxxxxxxxxx to libssh@xxxxxxxxxx, so, please adapt your addressbook, and be cautious when replying to existing messages. I will set the old mailing list in order to reply when being received messages.

If at *any* moment you want to unsubscribe from this list, you can do so by sending an empty mail at

** libssh+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxx **

For your informations, the mails sent to the new list will have both of these headers set:
X-Mailinglist: libssh
Reply-To: libssh@xxxxxxxxxx

You may register at any time on the three new lists, by simply sending a blank mail at name_of_the_list+subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxx
The lists are :
libssh@xxxxxxxxxx : General discussion on libssh.
libssh-commits@xxxxxxxxxx : git commits.
libssh-tickets@xxxxxxxxxx : tickets system.

As an example, send a mail to tickets+subscribe@xxxxxxxxxx to register on the tickets list.

A system for visualizing archived emails will be put in place. I will also try to integrate the old mailing list as well.
If you have any questions, just ask.



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