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Re: libssh and screen prompts


It depends what you're talking about.
If you need to authenticate to the server using SSH authentication
(password, keyboard-interactive, publickey, ...), this is integrated in
libssh and fully documented.
If your server automatically does a "fake" authentication, only to let
you enter your credentials to an other program running over the SSH
protocol (like some telnet-over-SSH appliances you can find in some
embedded devices), then the answer is no. Libssh does not inspect what's
travelling in the channels (and never will, because the standard tells
it's up to the application).

I hope I answered your question.



Barbara Knysz a écrit :
> I have created a test program that sends a command, and then recieves
> the output.
> However, I also need to examine the screen prompt to identify aspects of
> work flow, such as then dynamic discovery of the the necessity of an
> 'enable' password..
> Does libssh handle this?
> Thanks

libssh and screen promptsBarbara Knysz <bknysz@xxxxxxxxx>
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