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Re: OpenSSL or GCrypt

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for taking care of the FreeBSD port of libssh.
We have no clear preference over one or the other library. OpenSSL build
probably received more testing (that's what is compiled by default), but
by now they must be both working correctly at the same level of
I'd see the problem in the opposite side, which of libcrypto or
libgcrypt will need less dependencies to compile ? I bet libcrypto is
already installed by default on every FreeBSD install.
Providing optional support for libgcrypt won't hurt of course.


Alexander Logvinov a écrit :
> Hello!
>  Is there any difference between OpenSSL or GCrypt libssh build? I
> want to update FreeBSD port and I have doubts about adding support for
> optional build with libgcrypt. Thanks!

Re: OpenSSL or GCryptAlexander Logvinov <avl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
OpenSSL or GCryptAlexander Logvinov <avl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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