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brain dump

[17:18:53] <gmoonen> Owe and one more small issue i found in 
ssh_handle_packets() if you have a slow computer (or select for detection of 
data) and a fast network you can get a almost inf loop when doing a command 
which receives alot of data (like cat /dev/zero)
[17:19:12] <gmoonen> bacause everytime a packet has been processed there is 
already data available on the network socket.
[17:21:12] <gmoonen> Event I see at my local code: poll says bytes available, 
packet_read reads it, packet_translate translates it, and session_parse does 
it's work, and the poll function already sees more data again
[17:21:31] <gmoonen> Command i'm using is "while true; do echo 'xxxxxxx'; 
[17:21:56] <gmoonen> I tell because the enter (\n) seems to split op the 
different packets which are available 
[17:22:24] <gmoonen> Every poll there is 8 or 16 bytes available (for data, 
those xxxxxxx)
[17:22:41] <gmoonen> (There is more available, but that is the result data 

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