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Re: libsshpp

Hi Stephan,

I am currently working on an official C++ wrapper. It will be available
with 0.5. There's currently a stub in git master, but it is subject to
change before release.
If you have ideas on how to integrate better with C++ (Exceptions,
streams), you're welcome.
I'd like for instance being able to provide ostream and istream
instances for the different streams in a channel.



Stephan Kountso a écrit :
> Found include/libssh/libsshpp.hpp file in 0.4 version of libssh. Does
> this mean, that in the future there will be official c++ wrapper over
> the libssh?
> Is there already any code around this project?
> I'm interested in it, because i need it and at this moment. And I
> wrote my own small wrapper with only needed functionality.

Re: libsshppStephan Kountso <steplg@xxxxxxxxx>
libsshppStephan Kountso <steplg@xxxxxxxxx>
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