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Re: Public key authentication, *.pub file

Hi Gregy,

It's a currently known limitation of libssh. I chose to implement it
that way because I found it was better that way than asking the user for
a passphrase when we are not 100% certain that the key will be accepted
by the server. That's a limitation of the SSH encrypted key file format.
We will probably make it possible in future, but as a workaround, I propose:
-Copy the .pub files in ~/.ssh as you already do. That's the default
behavior of ssh-key command
-Use the SSH agent. Libssh will communicate with the SSH agent, which
will store in memory the public and private keys, so you do not have to
worry about the limitation above (entering passphrase for a key which
will be refused).



Gregy a écrit :
> Hello, I think I found a bug in libssh, I am not sure though.
> I use KDE 4.4 and  when I use public keys to authenticate (with
> kio_sftp) I need to have *.pub file in ~.ssh . This file shouldn't be
> required (at least ssh doesn't require it). Only required file should
> be id_dsa/rsa.
> Gregy

Re: Public key authentication, *.pub fileGregy <gregy@xxxxxxxx>
Public key authentication, *.pub fileGregy <gregy@xxxxxxxx>
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