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Re: Multiple calls to channel_request_exec()

in fact, no (read
So, after the command has been executed, channel is closed and you
to open new channel to execute new command. So, you can't for example
execute su another user with a channel_request_exec, and then some another
command under the another user.

i have similar task and i use channel_request_shell. to communicate with
serever. The only problem with this way is than prompt could change during
the shell session and you must know shell prompt before you begin

for my project i wrote simple c++ libssh wrapper to solve all these

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 3:26 AM, Mark Hessling <mark@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm looking at libssh to enable the replacement of an existing
> application that uses raw sockets to control a telnet session. In future
> the connection must be done using ssh.
> I tried modifying examples/exec.c and duplicated the block of code that
> calls channel_request_exec() to execute "ps aux" and to read the output.
> I simply added a call to channel_request_exec() to execute "ls -l", but
> I received an error: "Channel exec request failed".
> Should I be able to with libssh, execute a shell command on the remote
> host, read its output and execute another shell command and read its
> output?
> >From my reading of the documentation it appears that each call to
> channel_request_exec() spawns another shell on the remote server, so if
> I wanted to execute the following on the remote server:
> "cd tmp"
> "./run_my_command"
> then the second command would not be executed in the "tmp" directory.
> Does libssh then need a "changedirectory" function similar to the one
> that sets environment variables?
> Thanks in advance for your responses.
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Multiple calls to channel_request_exec()Mark Hessling <mark@xxxxxxxx>
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