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Re: Hangs when downloading large files


Thanks. It's happening in 0.4.1 (and was happening in 0.4.0), so I tried using "git" to get the latest source. I haven't used git before, but it seemed to work--I got a directory that looked rather like a standard distribution. I copied the source and header in to my project, overwriting the ones I had there, and it compiled fine. But it still hangs at the same place. Is that a reasonable procedure for testing the fix? Suggestions? Questions?


Andreas Schneider wrote:
On Friday 05 March 2010 21:30:00 you wrote:

I sent this on February 26, to libssh@xxxxxxxxxx, and haven't gotten a
response. Is this the right place to be asking this sort of question?
Has anyone seen this sort of hang? Is there something I can do to
troubleshoot it further?

I thougt that Aris fixed this. It was a problem with openssh keepalive. It should be fixed in the v0-4 branch.


	-- andreas

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