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Re: Something wrong?

On Friday 12 March 2010 00:08:38 you wrote:
> Hi ppl!
> I have got a problem and don't know what i need to do :(.
> tunnel->ssh = ssh_new ();
> snprintf (strport, NI_MAXSERV, "%d", tunnel->localport);
> ssh_options_set (tunnel->ssh, SSH_OPTIONS_HOST, tunnel->hostname);
> ssh_options_set (tunnel->ssh, SSH_OPTIONS_USER, tunnel->username);
> ssh_options_set (tunnel->ssh, SSH_OPTIONS_PORT, strport);

ssh_options_set (tunnel->ssh, SSH_OPTIONS_PORT, &tunnel->localport); 

> ret = ssh_userauth_password (tunnel->ssh, tunnel->username,
> tunnel->password);

Are you sure that you want to use password auth? This is insecure and disabled 
by default. Keyboard-Interactive is username + password authentication.


	-- andreas

Re: Something wrong?Taras Halturin <halturin@xxxxxxxxx>
Something wrong?Taras Halturin <halturin@xxxxxxxxx>
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