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Re: Has libssh been compiled and used in an iPhone?

Hi all,

Maybe I'm writing a little too late. I made some research about this
(having received an iPhone as work tool recently). I came to the
conclusion that libssh can't be used to develop applications targeting
the appstore. The appstore is incompatible with the freedom 0 of free
software and LGPL, the freedom to modify and adapt software to own
needs. Since Steve won't allow you to upload your modified application
on your own iPhone, distributing sources of a LGPL application is
useless to iPhone users.

In conclusion, libssh may *not* legally be used in iPhone development
for appstore. Apple would normally refuse to upload your application
online if they learn you're using GPL/LGPL stuff.

However, it is still ok to use it if you target jailbroken apple
devices. Next time, invest in an open mobile platform.



Chris Markle a écrit :
> Has anyone compiled and used libssh on the iPhone? Are there good
> pointers to how to do the compilation? Thanks in advance...
> Chris

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