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Hi Andreas,
I'm finaly downloaded the source code using git.
This is the command I used to go throught the proxy using http protocol
instead of the git one.

git clone http://git.libssh.org/projects/libssh/libssh.git

Please, let me know if I have downloaded the right branch.

I suggest to update the web site in the section  "how to get the source
code", including the command above, to let know that it's possible the usage
of http too.


2010/7/7 Andreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On Wednesday 07 July 2010 14:33:52 you wrote:
> > Just to let you know, I have installed git, but it's not possible to use
> it
> > in my company becuse of proxy's policies. I will try to check out the
> > source code and patch it asap from my home internet connection.
> >
> The following URL will always provide the latest version of the v0-4
> branch.
> http://git.libssh.org/projects/libssh/libssh.git/snapshot/v0-4.zip
> Cheers,
>        -- andreas

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