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Patch missed


This week I try updating libssh but I discovered that this patchs are missed:


11:29 Conjunto de cambios en libssh/[14eb593af3c41ea439f01d34aaae497d8420f316]/ por Andreas Schneider <mail@...> <http://dev.libssh.org/changeset/14eb593af3c41ea439f01d34aaae497d8420f316/libssh>
   Fixed solaris compilation warning and ignore case at host parameter.
- ... 11:29 Conjunto de cambios en libssh/[5a2abd34ce9ad97c69906c5fb7b07e26e96fceaa]/ por Andreas Schneider <mail@...> <http://dev.libssh.org/changeset/5a2abd34ce9ad97c69906c5fb7b07e26e96fceaa/libssh>
   Added support for StrictHostKeyChecking? and UserKnownHostsFile?
parameters. ...

I would like to know if a new patch is necessary or the recovery of old patchs is possible.

    Thank you.


Re: Patch missedAris Adamantiadis <aris@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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