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Re: Timeout in channel_open_session

On Tuesday 10 August 2010 11:00:57 you wrote:
> Hi!

Hi Valentin,

> So, the
problem is in the following:
> if I’ve established ssh connection
successfully using ssh_connect method,
> and then after some time link
between ssh client and server is broken (due
> to some communication
problems or firewall enabled), the call of
> channel_open_session method
from the second code snippet hangs the
> application up to 15 minutes, while
timeout being set in ssh_options_set
> was about 30 seconds.

where does it
hang? Does it hang in the send() system call?

strace -p <pid of your

would help.


	-- andreas

Re: Timeout in channel_open_sessionValentin Rodygin <carterqw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Timeout in channel_open_sessionValentin Rodygin <carterqw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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