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Re: Timeout in channel_open_session

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 1:43 PM, Aris Adamantiadis <aris@xxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Le 10/08/10 11:00, Valentin Rodygin a écrit :
> > The question is – how can I specify a reasonable timeout for
> > channel_open_session calls or how else can I work this situation around?
> Hi Valentin,
> The problem is that the timeout option only works on the ssh_connect
> part and not on the whole socket thing. This is a known limitation of
> libssh 0.4 which should be mitigated in libssh 0.5. (don't hold your
> breath).
> As a workaround, you should use ssh_get_fd() and do some low level
> sysctl magic to ask the OS (linux, bsd, windows ?) to shut down the
> connection after a specific time without response.
> kr,
> Aris
Thank you, Aris. Do you mean* *tcp_keepalive_intvl* *and
tcp_keepalive_probes variables, or something else?

Timeout in channel_open_sessionValentin Rodygin <carterqw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: Timeout in channel_open_sessionAris Adamantiadis <aris@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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