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Re: Questions about using libssh as SFTP server


There is indeed SFTP server support, but it has not been actively
maintained since 2005. While the rest of the API has evolved, it has
still not changed and may not work at all (so, a little tweaking may be

You can get some samples of the SFTP server I wrote a while ago (but not
maintained). The SSH server API changed since then so it might not
compile at all.

I hope this will give you a good start.



Le 26/08/10 10:40, Andreas Schneider a écrit :
> On Wednesday 25 August 2010 12:30:02 you wrote:
>> Hello,
> Hi Alan,
>> Does libssh support as library for SFTP server? I know it supports as
>> SSH server, but how about SFTP server?
> We have libssh/sftpserver.c so it is more or less supported, but I'm not sure 
> it is working.
>> Based on my analysis of the API documents, there are no functions for
>> SFTP server functionality. I hope I am wrong.
>> Thank you for your time.
> They are at the end of include/libssh/sftp.h
> 	-- andreas

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