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ssh_select possible improvement?


Recently I just noticed that when I use libssh to establish a ssh shell
connection to the server, key strokes have a latency. I checked the code
and was able to confirm that this is ssh_select() problem.

The scenario is that: I have a local file descriptor from a terminal pty
(which receives key strokes) and a ssh channel (which receives data from
server). This is a very typical ssh shell session. So I pass the fd and
the channel to ssh_select() with 1 second timeout. However, if I press a
key, ssh_select will not return immediately, but will only return until
the timeout is passed. If I set timeout to 10 seconds, I will get a huge

I am using 0.4.5 (debian squeeze) version, but if you think 0.4.6 could
make any difference, I can try. Please give me some hint before I
actually dig into it. Thanks.


Re: ssh_select possible improvement?Andreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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