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Re: pty sharing

Hi Paulo,

This is not doable directly with SSH, but the userspace tool "Screen"
may do exactly what you need.

Beware it won't be easy to manipulate from a program, since you're going
to simulate user input/key presses.



Le 19/05/11 19:32, Paulo Panhoto a écrit :
> I don't know if this question makes much sense. Is it possible to share
> a pty between two ssh sessions? I'm testing an automated process and I
> want to keep a separate client (e.g. putty) to control the remote
> process (via stdin/stdout) manually.
> Is this possible?
> Regards,
> Paulo

Re: pty sharingPaulo Panhoto <paulo.panhoto@xxxxxxxxx>
pty sharingPaulo Panhoto <paulo.panhoto@xxxxxxxxx>
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