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Re. Can't find libssh_threads_pthread

Hi Ivan,

> "However, you must be sure to link with the library ssh_threads_pthread. If you're using gcc, you must use the commandline

> gcc -o output input.c -lssh -lssh_threads_pthread"

> I tryed to install libssh from debian repository and compile from sources. Anyway, I just can't find this library.
> So were it should be?

> Thank you very much!

I just ran into the same problem and came up with your post in the
archives but no reply. Just figured out how to resolve this
and thought I'd reply back in case someone else runs into this.

Apparently as shown in tests/unittests/torture_rand.c the correct way
is to use ssh_threads_set_callbacks(ssh_threads_get_pthread()); and
with the libssh_threads library

Hope this helps.

Bye for now.


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