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Re: ssh_channel_write() and SSH_AGAIN

Hi again,

I just figured out that if I call ssh_set_fd_towrite() before ssh_channel_write(), it works fine again. Could you tell me if I am using the right thing?


On 09/01/2011 01:45 PM, Vic Lee wrote:
Hi libssh team!

Recently I am having a problem when migrating to 0.5. Previously in 0.4
when I call channel_write() libssh will block until the packet has
actually sent out (i.e. blocking_flush). However in 0.5 I saw that the
blocking flush has been remove and replaced by nonblocking_flush. And
when I call ssh_channel_write() it returns SSH_AGAIN. What should I do
in the application after I receive this rc? I can't find an API that
could force a flush, and the next ssh_channel_select does not flush
anything either.



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