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Re: seg fault trying libssh server examples

Hi Jeetu,

Indeed, master server is broken. This is due to the implementation of ecdh in the client, which is not yet present in server code right now. I'll work on this this end of week. Meanwhile, I suggest you use the latest libssh release which seemed to work.


Le 14/09/11 20:20, jeetu.golani@xxxxxxxxx a écrit :
Hi guys,

I've just been trying the latest libssh from master. I noticed that
the server I've been working on kept dying with a Segmentation fault.
I thought it was my code and deduced that things crash when I call
ssh_handle_key_exchange(). I then tried the libssh examples built
along with the library thinking I must be doing something wrong and
once I verify the code in the examples works I'll learn from them and
debug my code. However the server examples samplesshd and
samplesshd-tty seem to seg fault too. Both of them use the same
function i.e. ssh_handle_key_exchange().

Just to be sure I've tried it on two of my systems though both are
running debian 64 bit.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Thanks for the help.

Bye for now
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Re: seg fault trying libssh server examples"jeetu.golani@xxxxxxxxx" <jeetu.golani@xxxxxxxxx>
seg fault trying libssh server examples"jeetu.golani@xxxxxxxxx" <jeetu.golani@xxxxxxxxx>
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