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How to use the scp feature?

We're facing a problem using the scp feature.
We'd want to implement a file transfer with scp. Basically, we try to use the example provided in your site, and it seems to not work.
Here are the operations we make:
- open a new ssh session with ssh_new
- manage the ssh authentication with ssh_message_auth_user And ssh_message_auth_password
- Then our scp server receive the SSH_REQUEST_CHANNEL_OPEN from the client (SSH protocol)
- open the channel with ssh_message_channel_request_open_reply_accept
- then we handle the scp command for copy using the example from your site.

It seems that the scp_new function opens a new channel, that is not the same opened with ssh client, and this does not work.
Is there any problem with our solution?
How does your scp feature work?

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