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Problem using libssh function


I hope that someone can help me about a little problem using
the 'libssh' in a program.

My project is a little special and consist to use the library 'libssh'
that you develop in Gambas language on Linux.


In this language i can use directly all C libraries and take advantage
of all this power inside Gambas language because not all is possible or
not all is furnished.

So, my problem appear using the following function present in the

LIBSSH_API int ssh_scp_push_directory(ssh_scp scp, const char *dirname,
int mode);

Error message:

Create directory on remote server
- Directory: /tmp/direxample1
PermsResult  = 0000000111101101        Perm: 493       

Mode: 00000000000000000000000111101101  493

[SSH] Can't create remote directory: scp status code 1d not 

A this point i don't know what to do and what is exactly this error code

I try many solutions around the permissions declaration and calcul but
nothing change.
In a first time,i don't no if the permission number must be declared in
4 bytes or 8 bytes and what exactly how to build this parameter.

I hope that you can help me because your library is very interesting for
me and offer me great possibilities.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Email: linuxos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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