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help needed compiling libssh with msvc

So I've successfully built, tested, and 'installed' openssl to
c:\source-simon\openssl-build. So far so good.

I then cd into c:\source-simon\libssh-build and run cmake-gui and
configure the following:
- Where is the source code: C:/source-simon/libssh
- Where to build the binaries: C:/source-simon/libssh-build
- OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR: C:/source-simon/openssl-build/include
- Uncheck 'WITH_GCRYPT'
- Uncheck 'WITH_ZLIB' (for the time being)

When I click on 'Configure' then I get:

Could NOT find OpenSSL (missing:  OPENSSL_LIBRARIES)
Could NOT find GCrypt, try to set the path to GCrypt root folder in
the system variable GCRYPT_ROOT_DIR (missing:  GCRYPT_INCLUDE_DIR
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:61 (message):
  Could not find OpenSSL or GCrypt
Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

What is it still asking for GCrypt even though I unchecked it? I
understand that either openssl *or* libgcrypt in necessary, or?

Here's what my folders look like:

c:\>tree source-simon
│   ├───build
│   ├───cmake
│   │   └───Modules
│   ├───CMakeFiles
│   │   └───CMakeTmp
│   │       ├───CMakeFiles
│   │       ├───cmTryCompileExec.dir
│   │       │   └───Debug
│   │       └───Debug
│   ├───doc
│   ├───examples
│   ├───include
│   │   └───libssh
│   ├───src
│   │   └───threads
│   └───tests
│       ├───benchmarks
│       ├───client
│       ├───sftp_stress
│       └───unittests
│   └───CMakeFiles
│       └───CMakeTmp
│           ├───CMakeFiles
│           ├───cmTryCompileExec.dir
│           │   └───Debug
│           └───Debug
    │   └───openssl

I've tried creating OPENSSL_LIBRARIES and/or OPENSSL_LIBRARY but I get
the same errors.

I have MSVC Prof 10 installed on a 64bit Windows 2008 R2 Standard.
I've tried selecting both 'Current Generator: Visual Studio 10' and
'Current Generator: Visual Studio 10 Win64'. But same error.

Please help!


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