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ssh_scp_push_directory return error

i want to scp a dir to remote

here's the dir tree


i create scp session

    scp = ssh_scp_new(my_session, SSH_SCP_WRITE | SSH_SCP_RECURSIVE,
[remotePath UTF8String]);

then ssh_scp_push_directory dirA return success,
and managed to push_file file1

however, when comes to push_directory dirB
it return this error:

error ssh_scp_push_directory called under invalid state

what does this mean?i was confused.....


#apt-get install wife
The following extra packages will be installed:
wife-house wife-car wife-friends wife-dog wife-mother_in_law wife-kid
wife-no_more_tv_sports wife-kidlibs wife-bricomanialibs
The following packages will be upgraded:ego-restrainer freedom-throttler
Estimated installation time: 47 years
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