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Trouble obtaining binary files from server with SCP

I have some trouble transfering binary files with the SCP Subsystem of libssh. I've attached the test program I use for clearance, because my English is not that great and someone could misunderstand me. If I try to obtain a text file it arrives fine, but if I try to scp a binary file (/bin/grep and /bin/cp in this case), they arrive broken. I tried to use <stdio.h> with FILE* and <fstream> with ofstream file.open("filename") and file.write(buffer,size), but results are the same. I've left the filenames the way I use them in main() and here's an md5sum of the results:
548c9b7165161ff7eeed88c7473bf637  cp
b320d190fc6b5a377010bbd58d781d85  /bin/cp
a89c9916945a1a2a7aa92648df1591ba  grep
6c7c644703d8669aca747a0268b584b6  /bin/grep
0b14bf24063422f7befb1f019abd69a5  rc.conf
0b14bf24063422f7befb1f019abd69a5  /etc/rc.conf
3d383a4387cc453593d6aa21fd3bc1f5  smb.conf
3d383a4387cc453593d6aa21fd3bc1f5  /etc/samba/smb.conf
d6a9c4997493c5cca344ee838c423811  hosts
d6a9c4997493c5cca344ee838c423811  /etc/hosts
Thank you for your time and help.

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