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Re: libssh code contributions

On Friday 09 March 2012 16:29:14 you wrote:
> Hi,


> We've updated our local build of libssh with some simple additions for
> exposing client public key functions. This allows developers to
> implement arbitrary types of public key authentication without having to
> go into the guts of the (elegantly written) libssh code.

thanks for your work.

> We've also extended the examples with an x509 public authentication demo
> using OpenSSL x509 functions on Linux and WinCrypt certificate functions
> on Windows.

Sounds great.

> How do we go about pushing this code back into the mainline?, I vaguely
> recall some references to a certification process that's required before
> making commits.

Well 'git format-patch', 'git send-email' or a git repository to pull from is 

All other details are described here:



	-- andreas

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