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Re: Requesting agent forwarding

Sorry about the new thread, I was subscribed to the "nomail" version
of the mailing list without realizing it so I couldn't figure out a
way to respond to the previous response. I'm responding to Andreas

>> I'm investigating libssh for a project and one of the requirements is
>> that I'm able to request SSH agent forwarding on an SSH connection. It
>> appears based on the RFC[1] that this is done by sending a channel
>> request. I don't see if this is done or exposed anywhere in libssh.
>> Is this possible now?
> it is possilble to implement it, but we don't have a simple API for it.

Yeah I can see how it can easily be implemented in libssh. Would this
be something you'd be interested in a patch?

> What you are doing on the client side is to connect to the socket of the unix
> socket from the agent and "forward" the request over a ssh channel. The server
> sets up a unix socket and set the evironment variable for the unix socket so
> the clients on the server know where the agent is.

Right, so there is no way to do this with libssh currently without patching it?


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