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RE: core in ssh_bind_accept or ssh_bind_listen

Hi Andreas,

Sorry for the late response.

Please find below backtrace :

t@1 (l@1) program terminated by signal SEGV (no mapping at the fault address)

Current function is ssh_log

   60       if (session->callbacks && session->callbacks->log_function) {

(dbx) where

current thread: t@1

=>[1] ssh_log(session = 0x8227df8, verbosity = 1, format = 0xfbe82bd0 "Error : %s", ... = 0x8227dfc, ...), line 60 in "log.c"

  [2] ssh_set_error(error = 0x8227df8, code = 2, descr = 0xfbe83150 "Could not create BIO.", ... = 0x821dc98, ...), line 57 in "error.c"

  [3] _privatekey_from_file(session = 0x8227df8, filename = 0x822a2e0 "ssh_host_rsa_key", type = 2), line 872 in "keyfiles.c"

  [4] ssh_bind_accept(sshbind = 0x8227df8, session = 0x82b42c0), line 318 in "bind.c"

It seems that the problem occur due to the fact that "ssh_bind" is being pass to "ssh_log" instead of "ssh_session" as expected.

As a result and due to the fact that "callbacks" field has different offset in those 2 structs, any call to "ssh_set_error" with ssh_bind will cause to core.



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On Thu 14.Jun.12 09:48, Aviv Zilberman wrote:

>This is the full backtrace.

>Sorry but I don't have libssh with debug information (problem with cmake).


Please build with debug symbols and send full backtrace.

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug /path/to/source


     -- andreas

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