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Infinite loop on multi-session handling


I'm currently experiencing an issue where a libssh function call to ssh_channel_request_exec() is getting stuck and taking up 100% CPU.  The process I'm running to reproduce this issue does the following:

Thread A

1.       Create a new SSH session to IP x.

2.       Open a channel and send a command.

3.       While bytes are being received, read channel output.

4.       Close the channel and session.

Thread B

1.       Create a new SSH session to same IP x.

2.       Open a channel and send a command that effectively stops A.3

3.       Close the channel and session.

My guess is that the issue is a result of multiple sessions being created for the same host, and when the first session is closed as a result of B.2, B is somehow getting stuck, but I do not have enough insight into libssh to be certain.

I have attached logs containing function traces.  Any feedback, comments, suggestions, or inputs is very much appreciated.

Thank you,

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