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Re: need help about how to use libssh to achieve the port forwardding

On Tuesday 21 August 2012 15:35:49 you wrote:
> Hi,


> I have written a ssh server program  based on libssh. It can achieve the
> basic functions of the server. Now I want to join ssh port forwarding in
> the program.But I do not know how to achieve the response of port
> forwarding requests.Will libssh support response port forwarding the
> request sent by the client?I would like to ask how to achieve and are there
> some similar examples?

there is no documentation for this code.



The to accecpt the request. The rest is up to you to connect the local socket 
to the ssh channel.

	-- andreas

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need help about how to use libssh to achieve the port forwardding赵长松 <zhaochangsong_2010@xxxxxxx>
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