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Re: Building ssh on Windows

On Wednesday 22 August 2012 15:08:52 you wrote:
> I am struggling to build ssh library for Windows
> Are there instructions how to set and to run cmake  to build ssh library.

I download zlib and ssl from here:



I install them both in C:\Program Files

Then I start cmake, select Visual Studio or MinGW and click on configure. 
OpenSSL and ZLIB are automatically found.

Then I call make or click on compile in VS. I'm not a Windows user but it 
can't be easier. I wonder what all you guys are doing to not get it working.

	-- andreas

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RE: Building ssh on Windows"Zeldin, Boris" <boris.zeldin@xxxxxxx>
RE: Building ssh on Windows"Zeldin, Boris" <boris.zeldin@xxxxxxx>
Building ssh on Windows"Zeldin, Boris" <boris.zeldin@xxxxxxx>
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