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Re: Workaround in 0.6.0

On Thursday 23 August 2012 06:59:43 you wrote:
> Hello,


> Wanted to point out the following to the LibSSH group.
> My colleague and I were able to successfully build LibSSH 0.6.0 with a few
> adjustments to the build project.  However, when we attempted to utilize
> the library, we were receiving errors on attempts to authorize with a
> private key.  After much digging around and debugging, we were able to find
> out that the following conditionals were failing:
> ssh_pki_import_privkey_file
>     if (size != sb.st_size) {
> ssh_pki_import_pubkey_file
>     if (size != sb.st_size) {
> We found that the difference was only one byte in length.  After some
> research, we realized that the newline in our private key file was being
> counted as 2 bytes (\r\n) in the following function:
>     rc = stat(filename, &sb);
> However, the following:
>     size = fread(key_buf, 1, sb.st_size, file);
> Was counting the newline as one byte.  In order to solve this issue, we
> simply opened the file with the "binary" option included:
>     file = fopen(filename, "rb");

b is a mode from the windows function?

I don't see it in the linux manpage but adding it doesn't result in an error. 
I think we're fine adding it.

	-- andreas

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