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Creating a session with a pre-connected socket in 0.5.2

I have an application that works with libssh 0.4.8, and I'm finally
upgrading to libssh 0.5.2.
It seems that the ability to use a pre-connected socket does not work in
libssh 0.5.2. 

I use libssh's capability to pass a pre-connected socket, like so:
  ssh_options_set(session, SSH_OPTIONS_FD, &sock);
(The reason for this is that some users need to connect via a proxy, so my
application first connects to the proxy and authenticates to it, and then
hands the socket to libssh.)

This works fine with 0.4.8.
Under 0.5.2, the call to ssh_connect times out.  It seems that libssh is
waiting for an event before doing anything with the data available on the
socket.  However, the connect event, and any data receive events, have
typically already occurred by the time that libssh gets control.

Has "ssh_options_set(session, SSH_OPTIONS_FD, &sock)" been tested with
If not, I will file a bug report.
If it's been successfully tested, then I'll be scratching my head, wondering
what I am doing wrong.

Here's a log of a call to ssh_connect:

0824_210205.974 entering function ssh_connect line 628 in
0824_210205.975 libssh 0.5.2 (c) 2003-2010 Aris Adamantiadis
(aris@xxxxxxxxxxxx) Distributed under the LGPL, please refer to COPYING file
for information about your rights, using threading threads_noop
0824_210205.977 Socket connecting, now waiting for the callbacks to work
0824_210205.978 ssh_connect: Actual timeout : 10000
0824_210205.981 entering function ssh_handle_packets line 449 in
0824_210217.668 leaving function ssh_handle_packets line 474 in
0824_210217.673 Error : Timeout connecting to (null)
0824_210217.674 ssh_connect: Actual state : 9
0824_210217.676 leaving function ssh_connect line 707 in
0824_210217.678 Handshake with SFTP server failed: Timeout connecting to
0824_210217.680 entering function ssh_silent_disconnect line 264 in
0824_210217.681 entering function ssh_disconnect line 765 in
0824_210217.683 leaving function ssh_disconnect line 845 in
0824_210217.684 leaving function ssh_silent_disconnect line 273 in
0824_210217.686 Disconnected


Mark R

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