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Re: libssh write problem

On Friday 02 November 2012 17:55:26 Vasuki Gubbi wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using libssh 0.5.2 in a multithreaded application. I establish session
> and also write simultaneously to multiple different hosts simultaneously.
> I have following code to work with pthread library.
> ssh_threads_set_callbacks(ssh_threads_get_pthread());
> ssh_init();
> I am using sockets in blocking mode. But I see once in a while method
> struck in channel_write call. I am enclosing the 2 threads that are struck
> in this position and does not seem to comeout of it.
> Does anyone know if my usage of library is wrong or it is a some kind of
> bug in libssh?

A backtrace without debug symbols doesn't really help. Did you follow:

    At all times, you may use different sessions inside threads, make parallel
    connections, read/write on different sessions and so on. You *cannot* use
    a single session (or channels for a single session) in several threads at
    the same time. This will most likely lead to internal state corruption.
    This limitation is being worked out and will maybe disappear later.


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Re: libssh write problemVasuki Gubbi <gkvasuki@xxxxxxxxx>
libssh write problemVasuki Gubbi <gkvasuki@xxxxxxxxx>
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