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Need Help in creating SSH Server using LIBSSH


I have created a SSH server using latest release of LIBSSH library the targeted environment is Windows 7 64-bit, Visual Studio 2010, but I am not successful in getting it work. Despite of many trails still I am getting a error "Could n't create BIO". I browsed through internet and come to know that the key folder must have read access. This I checked it and there is no problem in reading the problem ( I wrote a sample C++ program   whether I can open file or not. The program is successful in reading the file (of course in Binary )). Now I am helpless in finding the reason for the error. Here is what options I have set please let me know where I am doing wrong.

If any sample program for SSH server on windows is really helpful.

I have generated the public keys using GIT BASH application.

I have the following folder ..,


The key names are ida_rsa.pub and ida_rsa.

all other call to SSH library are getting succedded including the ssh_bind_options() and ssh_bind_accept --> Function is returning -1.

I have set the bind options with DSA and RSA key and the folder name given as

I am using windows.

Thanks in advance for your support

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