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Re: sftp_read receives EOF on second call for a 24kb file




Hi Kevin,

I had a play and came up with this solution in C, I don't usually use C so I hope this is of 'some' use.

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From: Kevin Lambert <klambert@xxxxxxxxx>
To: libssh <libssh@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 20:11
Subject: sftp_read receives EOF on second call for a 24kb file

I have built and am running libssh 0.5.5 for windows x32 and am trying to pull a 24kb file over.  I have my buffer size set to 1024 (but have tried 4096 with the same result).  The first call to sftp_read returns back 1024 as the count of bytes read but the subsequent call returns 0.  When I stepped through sftp_read I found that sftp_read was receiving SSH_FX_EOF even though there is still 23kb left to read.  Am I opening the ssh or sftp session incorrectly?  I have attached the relevant code.



#include <libssh/libssh.h>
#include <libssh/sftp.h>

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
  ssh_session my_ssh_session = ssh_new();
  int verbosity = SSH_LOG_PROTOCOL;
  int port = 22;
  int rc;

  if (my_ssh_session == NULL)

  ssh_options_set(my_ssh_session, SSH_OPTIONS_HOST, "<host>");
  ssh_options_set(my_ssh_session, SSH_OPTIONS_LOG_VERBOSITY, &verbosity);
  ssh_options_set(my_ssh_session, SSH_OPTIONS_PORT, &port);

  rc = ssh_connect(my_ssh_session);

  rc = ssh_userauth_password(my_ssh_session, NULL, "<password>");

  sftp_session sftp;

  sftp = sftp_new(my_ssh_session);

  rc = sftp_init(sftp);

  sftp_file file;
  int access_type;
  char *buffer = malloc(1024);
  //char *buffer[1024];
  int nbytes;

  sftp_attributes getFileSize;
  int getRemainder = 0;
  int getExcess = 0;
  int buffersize = 1024;
  int FCount = 0;

  file = sftp_open(sftp, "/home/Owner/test.pdf", 0, 0);

  getFileSize = sftp_stat(sftp, "/home/Owner/test.pdf");

  getRemainder = getFileSize->size%buffersize;

  getExcess = getFileSize->size - getRemainder;

  FILE *fp;
  fp = fopen("test.pdf", "w+b");

  if(getFileSize < buffersize)
   nbytes = sftp_read(file, buffer, buffersize);
   fwrite(buffer, sizeof(buffer), nbytes, fp);
       while(FCount != getExcess)
        nbytes = sftp_read(file, buffer, buffersize);
        FCount = FCount + buffersize;
        fwrite(buffer, sizeof(buffer), FCount, fp);
        sftp_seek(file, FCount);
        fseek(fp, FCount, 0);

       if(getRemainder > 0)
        nbytes = sftp_read(file, buffer, getRemainder);
        fwrite(buffer, sizeof(buffer), getRemainder, fp);


    // -------------------------------------


Re: sftp_read receives EOF on second call for a 24kb fileKevin Lambert <klambert@xxxxxxxxx>
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