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Re: Questions on Transparent Tunneling

Hi Aris,

    Please forgive my ignorance, I am new to the ssh tunneling terminology.  I am trying to setup a tunnel from a windows client running Putty (or other openssh client) to an HPUX host running openssh.  I would like to pass plain text traffic across the tunnel to the HPUX server while preserving the client IP when the port forwarding is done at the HPUX side to itself (since it is the destination).

    I am currently able to tunnel with the following in putty, but unable to preserve my client IP when the forwarding occurs on the HPUX host :


Jeremy Brock

Vital Soft, Inc
On 10/23/2013 12:07 PM, Aris Adamantiadis wrote:

I don't understand what you want. SSH supports tcp forwarding, and yes
there's some metadata transfered about origin of the connection. (I
guess you speak of ssh -R behaviour).


Le 23/10/13 18:35, Jeremy Brock a écrit :
Hi All,

    Is possible with libssh, or openssh for that matter, to have a
transparent tcp tunnel where the forwarded port traffic across the
tunnel keeps intact the remote client ip address when received on the
server side for logging purposes etc?



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