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Re: [PATCH] examples: Add samplesshd-full example

On Tuesday 28 January 2014 19:14:04 you wrote:
> Just a note.
> I've worked out how to make it work using polling, but I don't want to
> spam the mailing list sending out a V2 without getting feedback on V1.
> Therefore you can assume that V2 will have it done using polling.

v1 looks fine! Just send v2 and I will have a deeper look. argp isn't 
available on all Unix systems we are running on so I would prefer to migrate 
to popt. But this could also be done later.

However thank you very much for your contributions! Great work.

	-- andreas

Re: [PATCH] examples: Add samplesshd-full exampleDustin Oprea <myselfasunder@xxxxxxxxx>
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