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SSH Tunnels


I am currently trying to implement tunnels via ssh forwardings and libssh callbacks system. 

Some questions where posted here about this kind of problem but I couldn't find any detailed answer. 

When trying to open tunnels with `ssh -p <port> -ND <lport> <user>@<server_addr>` (or any other set of options which asks for tunnels), no callback is triggered in order to handle this. 

I supposed at least channel_open_request_session_function() or global_request_function() had to be called with a SSH_REQUEST_GLOBAL request type or a SSH_CHANNEL_FORWARDED_TCPIP channel type, but this is not what actually happens. 

Did I miss something ? A callback specially created for this use ? 
Or do I have to patch the lib to create one or more callbacks which will be triggered by ssh_execute_server_request() in src/messages.c ? 

Thank you in advance, 
Loïc Michaux

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