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Questions about channels

I have some questions about the channels and the callbacks.

1. How many forwarding channels can i use per SSH Connection?
2. I am trying to use a callback from libssh to tell me when i have some
data in the forwarding channel.
   I tried to use the channel_data_function to directly copy from the
channels connection to another socket that i have, like in
the samplesshd-tty sample. But the call back is not called. i did the
following steps:

struct ssh_channel_callbacks_struct *channel_cb = new struct
channel_cb->channel_data_function = &Connection::copy_chan_to_fd;
channel_cb->userdata = con;
ssh_set_channel_callbacks(forwarding_channel, channel_cb);

Am I missing something?
I dont want to use polling because i am using libevent to handle the
application, so i dont want to also use the polling system of libssh.

João Pereira

Email: joao.almeida@xxxxxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.bluetc.es

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