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Re: Request to use ssh crypto for another project. Is this possible?

I have absolutely no idea of what you're going to do but that sounds
cool. To answer your question, yes it's probably possible, everything is
possible with a bit of work.


Le 10/04/14 04:07, Simon Jackson a écrit :
> I'm going to need repeated encryption of one crypto block on the local
> machine, with maybe an option to send the block as a file and have it
> appear on the remote machine. All the compressed data ends up being in
> the one block with some extras like the public key file and a 48 bit
> count and some trailing notes.
> Also fetching from remote would be good. I mean if possible I'd add an
> option to the program to ssh in and run screen -r and pass the file
> both ways automatically first and on occasion. I'd like to
> automatically use the keys of a current session of ssh, or one of the
> standard (or auto generated for first use) keys if no session exists.
> Also as a side note ssh should show the key fingerprint and ASCII
> graphics before the password request, as one "friend" impersonating
> another "friend" would be possible because of the known hosts. Just
> extending the password base like with a DNS intercept, not!
> On 9 April 2014 13:42, Andreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     On Sunday 06 April 2014 13:16:40 Simon Jackson wrote:
>     > The actual crypto is not stream based, but the crypto.h file
>     seems to
>     > indicate that what I want to do is possible. A simple load keys
>     from file
>     > and encode with decode and base64 encode and decode too. I don't
>     wish to
>     > make another key standard.
>     >
>     > Project URL:
>     https://sites.google.com/site/rubikcompression/the-standard
>     Why don't you simply use ssh_channel_read and ssh_channel_write?
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