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Re: Login to device shell

On Apr 18, 2014 9:55 PM, "Mal" <Malz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Hello
> I am wondering if anyone has written a trivial C program to login to an
> ssh service and execute a simple console command, collect the output and
> display from the program prompt.
From the PySecure project. It follows the library closely with identical
naming, and has a very clean syntax:


def execute(self, cmd, block_size=DEFAULT_EXECUTE_READ_BLOCK_SIZE):
    """Execute a remote command. This functionality does not support more
    than one command to be executed on the same channel, so we create a
    dedicated channel as the session level than allowing direct access at
    the channel level.

    with SshChannel(self) as sc:
        self.__log.debug("Executing command: %s" % (cmd))


        buffer_ = bytearray()
        while 1:
            bytes = sc.read(block_size)
            yield bytes

            if len(bytes) < block_size:


> I have tried to follow the tutorial example with no success..
> Mal

Login to device shellMal <Malz@xxxxxxxxxx>
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