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Re: ssh_get_user_home_dir (misc.c)


This is used in two cases: as a fallback when the username to remotely
log on is unknown and to find the home directory of the local user, to
parse his configuration file, private keys and known_hosts file.
You can avoid this by setting the userdirectory parameter with

Le 20/04/14 03:54, Zvi Vered a écrit :
> Hello,
> Upon calling to: ssh_connect the routine: ssh_get_user_home_dir is called.
> Why upon connection to remote SSH server, the client has to know its
> own user name ?
> I’m porting the libssh library to vxWorks 6.x in kernel mode.
> In this mode, there is no “account” or “user name”.
> Thanks,
> Zvika

Re: ssh_get_user_home_dir (misc.c)"Zvi Vered" <veredz72@xxxxxxxxx>
ssh_get_user_home_dir (misc.c)"Zvi Vered" <veredz72@xxxxxxxxx>
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