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Re: [PATCH] tests: introduce pkd_hello

On Tuesday 15 April 2014 02:27:00 Jon Simons wrote:
> > I spent some time porting over 'pkd' to the libssh testing code proper,
> > and attached is a patch with the result.  I've used this daemon to suss
> > out some signature bugs in the past, test Alan's ECDSA host key
> > enablement,
> > and most recently have run it against Dirkjan's new SHA2 HMAC support.
> Resending -- this updated patch has a fix for 'DROPBEAR_MAC_CMD' included.

Hi Jon,

I'm really interested in adding this. But I would like to integrate it as an 
automated test. So it has to wait a bit. I've started with cwrap integration 
last week.


I will try to work on it this week.

	-- andreas

Andreas Schneider                   GPG-ID: CC014E3D
www.cryptomilk.org                asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Re: [PATCH] tests: introduce pkd_helloJon Simons <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
[PATCH] tests: introduce pkd_helloJon Simons <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [PATCH] tests: introduce pkd_helloJon Simons <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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