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RES: libssh-0.6.3 does not compile on Windows

I have the same problem, anyone made it work?


De: Alexander Leupold [mailto:alexander.leupold@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Enviada em: quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2014 07:02
Para: libssh@xxxxxxxxxx
Assunto: libssh-0.6.3 does not compile on Windows

Hi everyone,
i tried to compile libssh on my own with Visual Studio 2012 (Windows 7). This happens:

2>C:\Users\leupold\Desktop\libssh-0.6.3\src\libcrypto.c(26): fatal error C1083: Datei (Include) kann nicht geöffnet werden: "sys/time.h": No such file or directory
The line has recently been added and believe there is no sys/time.h on Windows. If i replace it with time.h, it does compile and the dll worked in my program, but i didn't test extensively. However, as far as i recall, gettimeofday(&tv, NULL); which is used in ssh_reseed(void); does not do the same on Windows and Linux.
Or did i just miss something here?

Different question:
When i run cmake, i get the following message:
"You have called ADD_LIBRARY for library ssh_threads_shared without any source files. This typically indicates a problem with your CMakeLists.txt file"
If i don't need the threaded version of the library, can i ignore this? It was possible to build the ALL_BUILD.vcxproj with Visual Studio, apart from the issues described above. I attatched a file with the cmake output and the settings i used.

Alexander Leupold


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