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Issue #74 from release 0.7 roadmap.

I need this feature myself so would like to contribute it. Before I begin working on it. I want to make sure that I am doing it in a way that will fit with your grand design. 

I was planning on adding a channel write callback that gets passed how many bytes were written and an error indicator. 
I would also add an associated ssh_channel_write_nonblocking function.

Then using that underlying functionality I will add the following 2 functions.
sftp_async_write_begin .. initiate a non blocking write. Retuns a request id
sftp_async_write_end .. takes a request id and returns ssize_t, number of byes written < 0 on error

Does that sound about right? 

Joseph Southwell
The past is history,
The future's a mystery,
The present's a gift.

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