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Re: attribution statement?


As far as I know the LGPL doesn't require an attribution statement
(Unlike BSD-4-clauses), but it is nice to include it anyway. Something
as simple as "This application uses libssh 0.6.3
(https://www.libssh.org/)" would be sufficient.
Andreas, correct me if I'm wrong.



Le 12/08/14 17:22, Barbe, Charles a écrit :
> Hi,
> is there an example of the exact wording I should use in my attribution statement for an application that links against libssh? I've been looking around the libssh website and haven't found a suggested statement.
> Thanks!
> Charles A. Barbe
> Senior Software Engineer
> Allworx, a Windstream company
> 245 East Main St | Rochester NY | 14604
> Charles.Barbe@xxxxxxxxxxx | 585.421.5565

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