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Re: double authentication ? How to handle it ?


libssh supports double authentication. When one authentication method
was successful (e.g. publickey), the ssh_userauth_* returns
SSH_AUTH_PARTIAL. You can then use any other authentication method
supported by the server.
You mention a challenge, but I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
Are you asking how to do keyboard-interactive authentication with libssh?
showing us the output of the regular OpenSSH with ssh -vv would help us
understand what you try to achieve.


Le 4/02/15 15:17, balasubramanian Achuthan a écrit :
> Hi ,
> I am writing a ssh client. The client should be able to handle double
> auth from SSH server. 
> First the server sends a Challange , then it asks another password.
> How do i detect it and pass the password to SSH server ?
> Thanks,
> Bala.

double authentication ? How to handle it ?balasubramanian Achuthan <balasurfs@xxxxxxxxx>
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